Plan Your Visit

Visiting a new church can be stressful.  Let us help make you comfortable with all of the little details so that you can focus on worshiping God when you come to worship as our guest.  Have questions?  Call the church office at 972-355-5892.

Location: Our church is located directly across from Flower Mound High School on Peters Colony Road. The address is: 3410 Peters Colony Road. We meet for worship at 10:30am.

Sunday School Summer Schedule: Join us in the sanctuary for Coffee & Questions, a micro-, 19-minute-Sunday School for all ages from 9:15–10:04 a.m., where you can have coffee and ask open-ended questions. All ages are welcome to come and participate.

Sunday School for all ages will resume on Sunday, 6 September. However, in order to minimize any potential risk due to current public health concerns, we will not be placing children and adults into separate, small classrooms. Instead, we will all meet together in the main sanctuary space, where we can more safely maintain appropriate distancing. We recognize that asking small children to sit still for an entire hour without age-appropriate activities like crafts and games might prove challenging to some. So, class will run only half an hour, from 9:15–9:45am. Join us!

Nursery: Provided for children ages 6 weeks through age three, during Sunday School, and worship service..  The nursery is equipped with changing areas, private areas for nursing mothers, and other safe and age-appropriate materials, toys, and furniture for the children. 

Children of all ages are always welcome in the worship service, and participation in nursery is completely voluntary.  In order to promote health and safety, only healthy children will be admitted to the nurseries.  A training chapel (closed off room inside sanctuary) is also provided.

Manner of Dress: The question of “how should I dress?” is often asked when attending a new church. Remember that God is concerned with your heart, not with your style or fashion sense! You will find all manner of dress in our church from blue jeans to business casual. Dress how you feel comfortable so that you can focus on worshiping God.

Music: We primarily sing historic hymns and psalms of the Christian faith from the Trinity Hymnal as well as the Trinity Psalter. However, we also enjoy singing them to new tunes, as well as a selection of modern hymns. We currently have accompaniment by piano, harp, and guitar.