How We are Organized

The manner in which a church is governed and led can have dramatic repercussions on the life of the church. That is one reason why we are committed to a Presbyterian form of government. While no approach to leadership can guarantee a strong and healthy church—it is the Lord who gives life—we believe that Presbyterian government, with its system of checks and balances and mutual accountability, best promotes both the peace and the purity of the Church.

In the Presbyterian form of government, the Church is led, not by one man, but by a group of men called elders, who are equipped by God and elected by the people to shepherd the flock; the pastor is one of the elders. Assisting the elders are the deacons, men who focus on service and mercy ministry.

Our Pastor

Our pastors (who are also called “Teaching Elders”) are ordained ministers in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Their responsibilities are to preach God’s Word, administer the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper, perform weddings and funerals and provide spiritual care for the members of the church. They also set and communicate the vision of the church with the help of the other elders.

Our pastor is: John Canales

Our Ruling Elders

In addition to our pastors, qualified men of the church are elected to the office of Ruling Elder. Together with the pastors, they form the Session of the church, which oversees all aspects of church life, including worship, staff, ministry and finances.

Our ruling elders are: Rod Alexander (Emeritus) • Scott Peterson  Adam Grimes

Our Deacons

Our deacons serve as the hands and feet of Jesus at Christ Presbyterian Church as they care for those who are in need. They provide counsel and assistance both to those who are a part of our church family, as well as to others in our community. Their efforts are funded by a portion of our church budget, as well as by our annual Diaconal Offering, which is received each year in the Spring. The deacons also oversee the church grounds and administer the finances.

Our deacons are: Doug Boswell • Leng Ea • Rod Miller  Brandon Luter