Rick was born and raised in a Christian home in Texas and became a believer at a young age. Pam came to faith in Christ as a teenager. They met in college in San Antonio, Texas, where they were married in 1975.

Rick served as an elder at Christ Presbyterian Church in Flower Mound, Texas for seven years before he and Pam answered God.s call to the mission field.

Rick, Pam, and their family served as MTW missionaries in Bogotá, Colombia for eight years. There, Rick was the team leader and church planter. Pam served as the team accountant. During that time Rick and Pam worked with the MTW team to establish a church in Bogotá, a Colombian presbytery, and a national leadership training center.

In April 2001, Rick and Pam answered a call to Mexico.

Rick and Pam have four daughters: Shannon, Tiffany, and Jordan, all three of whom are now in Texas; and Hannah, still with her parents in Mexico.

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Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Sandy trusted in Christ and was introduced to missions from her earliest years. Larry came to Christ during high school in his hometown, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Sandy studied Education and Counseling at Samford University, while Larry majored in Mathematics and Economics at Duke University. After teaching English at Christ’s College in Taipei, Taiwan, Sandy returned to Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia where Larry was preparing for the Gospel ministry. After graduation from Westminster, the newly married couple worked for three years in an associate pastorate in the PCA church in Glen Burnie, Maryland where their first daughter, Whitney (3/5/89), was born.

The Trotters have been in Mexico for almost thirteen years, the first four in Mexico City and the last nine in Guadalajara. In both cities, they have been involved in starting new churches. The strategy in Mexico City was to establish a church and turn it over to Mexican leadership as quickly as possible. In Guadalajara, the Trotters are taking a longer view, trying to establish a strong church that can in turn begin other churches and support ministries like Christian community development, Christian day schools and home school support, and a Christian music academy. So far, the first church has started its first daughter church and has plans to start another in 2005. The Trotters are grateful to Christ Presbyterian in Flower Mound, TX for her faithful support over the entire time they have been in Mexico!

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